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Air Conditioning

The most common car Air Condition problem is that the Air Conditioning unit in your car does not cool the inside of the car. Ususally the reason for this is that the Air Conditioning unit on the vehicle has not been re-charged for some time or there may be leaks in the car's Air Conditioning system. Other possible causes could be a faulty compressor, a leaking joint or a seal drying out.


It is known that car Air Conditioning systems lose approximately 10-15% of the refrigerant every year. Manufacturers recommend that Air Conditioning systems should be serviced and re-charged every two years.


First option is to check for leaks in vehicle's Air Conditioning system. If no leaks are found then its just a basic gas re-charge required.


A basic gas re-charge can be carried out in approximately 1 hour. General Air Condition System fault finding also takes about an hour and any fault found will be reported to you, the customer, with quote a for any parts and labour required.


Electrical Diagnostics Checks

Diagnostic checks can be carrried out on most vehicles with our diagnostic plug-in computer system. Things such as faulty engine management warning lights, air bag warning lights, service schedule lights etc.


Engine management warning lights that remain on mean there is a problem with the onboard computer system in your car. If this problem is not rectified it can cause damage to the engine components and in turn cause you to use more fuel, which can damage your exahaust system, catalytic converter and Lamda sensors, all expensive components to replace.


For a diagnostic check on your car or van we normally charge 1/2 an hour labour. After the diagnostic check we will call you with report and price for parts and repair.

We cover ares Bracknell, Ascot, Warfield, Winkfield, Crowthorne, Wokingham and Sunningdale etc.


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